Lost Treasures

The following are remnants of an old post written by Eric pre-Kairos 2011. You will take note that this is a follow up post to one where Eric had explained an encounter he had in his room at 3 in the morning. Oddly enough, I was not able to locate the original post. Maybe one of you still has it. To give a summary, Eric was awoken by two individuals who appeared in his room, the younger of the two, approached Eric as he was “pretending” to still be asleep, he placed his hand on his chin and said in some future lingo something to the effect of, “He’s not THAT powerful…”

Against the wishes of his pupil/teacher who was also present, and realized Eric was awake, they vanished as opened his eyes. If you find this story too hard to believe, I can completely understand and respectively the only thing I can say to that is, give it time, come to a few events, you’ll see what seems to be fiction becomes all too real, all too often around these parts. Take the morsels from this post as you can. Enjoy…  

I cannot say what level the participants will experience while in the box, perhaps none of the levels. In truth it is 90% skill and 10% luck or to say that 10% is the universe choosing to show you something at that moment and 90% you evolving the skill to choose so.

I have also decided to teach you a new knowledge. I have chosen to call this the “Field.”
I have spoken in the past as to how I listen to music from a future point in time, or listen to conversation. I will tell you now that I am also able to speak with non-physical beings in this place etc. I will teach you how to enter the “field” and we will put this into effect at the event also. This will be an essential navigation skill during the Black box sessions.

There is too much to list or speak of now regarding the upcoming event.

Now to get back to my point regarding the visit. I have known for some time that what I teach will have a great effect in the halls of time. I have also said in the past that students have visited me from the future etc. This brings me to the now. I believe with all my heart that this upcoming event is a pivotal moment, a doorway to the future. The box is the key. To experience it is to understand that which cannot be opened. “You have a box, the harder you try to open the box the stronger it becomes, how do you open the box, what is in the box” everything I have taught over the decades comes to this moment.

If ever there were a trackable moment in time to say when was the moment they entered, the event day will be it. I believe it holds great interest to us in the future and to others…. Like I said, we won’t be alone.

What you will learn of the “field” will be worth the journey to Portland no matter the price. Experiencing the box… Priceless…… Everything else, pearls of light dressing the world.

As for the 3 am visit?
I belive the two males were Navigators. They came to observe me… the person who was responsible for the knowledge they had come to learn. I do not think they had the skill to choose time “a specific moment,” so 3 am or about that was a random moment on entrance. Secondly, weaker navigators usually explore during low conciouess hours as there is less interference for them to navigate through.
Skilled & experienced Navigators will enter at more specific times or locations.

As for these two, I suspect they didn’t ask permission to do what they did and the one who poked my goatee / chin I suspect was very green or just ignorant. You may ask yourself how did he even get there? He seems undeveloped based on his statements etc “He isn’t that powerful” etc.

Keep in mind how many of you have approached me with that same ignorance at one time? Think of the knowledge you gained yet had not truly earned or deserved yet. I think he was no different. Keep in mind if technology is developed to enhance “Navigation” in the future and a teacher who was once my student wants to impress a student…. perhaps he made a mistake to impress his student then to come to the door of a resting master somewhere in time.

No doubt rules exist and no doubt rules will always be broken. We will need to work on these rules soon. Nonetheless, they were Navigators. My senses were never threatened by them, their technology too smooth and acceptable to my presence, it must have come from me and my internal sensory saw it as a living part of me.

Touching my goatee “stupid, ignorant and disrespectful student I’ll also add very dangerouse!” although lol “Priceless moment”

P.S Future boy, you’re not getting off that easy…

Now “details” when they were in my room, I want you to understand they were non-visual to the eye. Although my sensory could visually see them as transparent bodies in the room, in fact I could describe what booth looked like. The humm was very apparent and I suspect any normal person could clearly hear it. Them talking was not audible lol ahh the insanity!

It was telepathic based on emoting “medium level skill” but used efficiently by them. Touching my goatee was very real and a semi-manifestation definitely a level 5-6. Impressive for a young navigator, must have a good teacher and great technology. The touch was not a touch like you would do to me. It is like when an entity or intelligent ghost touches you. It feels like spider webs pressing on your skin, or tingles electrical over an area of your body etc. This was much more contorted, in fact it was very defined and manifested in this dimension at least 80%. I was impressed.

Thats all I have to say for the moment,

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